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A Caution of Market Timing

Since none of us know when the best market days will come (or the worst), take a look at this chart.

If you invested $1.00 in the S&P 30 years ago, your investment would have grown to $10.83. Now, if you tried to time the market and missed the single best day, your investment would have grown to $9.71. Still good but that’s a difference of -10.4%. And it gets worst as we remove more of the best days.

If you miss all 30 best performing days in the market over those 30 years, your $1.00 investment would have grown to only $2.23. You’ve now missed out on nearly 80% of the upside potential you could have received. 

As we look forward and think of the potential of our investment dollars, I hope you keep this in mind. For every $1,000 you consider investing (or decide to use in a different way) remember the worth it may have in 30 years and make sure you're investing enough to fund your future goals.

I’ll even go a little further to say if you invest $1,000 this year and $1,000 each year for 30 years (same rate of return) and stayed invested, the value of that investment would be more than $100,000.

Sources: Crandall Pierce