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Price is what you pay

Philosophy:  Our core portfolio holds approximately 40 companies that have been researched for their strengths. These companies have provided reasonable growth, strong financials and a compelling growth expectation.  We believe we are capturing the best of the market while avoiding potential pitfalls of high growth and deep value. We focus on companies long-term value rather than short term fluctuations in price. This encourages patience and avoids harmful reactions to market movements.

Research & Stability:  We look for companies that provide stability, which will benefit from advances in technology, and can be innovative in a way we might not imagine today.  We believe the Health Care and Industrials sectors provide fertile ground for what we are looking for. We expect as a result of our investment approach that we will be less volatile than market indexes (such as the S&P 500).  Buys occur when we discover additional companies that meet our criteria and sales occur when there is a shift in company fundamentals.

Providing Cash Flow:  We serve a variety of clients with various needs.  A significant consideration for our investment approach for you is your need or desire for income or distributions now or in the future.  We work with you to determine the right investment  mix to balance your goals of cash flow now and growth for the future.

Short term needs are met with safe investments that are not volatile but will not offer as much growth potential.  Growth comes with some volatility and that is where we will be there  for you, giving you the confidence that some volatility is to be expected and you’re on the right path to reach your goals.